"A curriculum fit for the learners of the 21st Century, building Resilience, Innovation, Skills and Employability in our students."

“The school’s course for Year 7 is taught well and greatly enjoyed by the students, resulting in good progress in this part of their work”.   Ofsted 2014

RISE is our unique way of welcoming students to The William Allitt School in Year 7 and continues into Year 8. It is a combined subject programme of the Arts, Citizenship and ICT and works to build the competences in young people through a creative, challenging and fun thematic curriculum. Students will spend 7 hours of their school week in Year 7 and across 2-3 hours per week in Year 8 with their RISE Tutors who will guide them through the programme alongside our online curriculum

The skills we build through RISE tasks and events as they progress through the curriculum relate to the following: 

  • Learning
  • Managing Information
  • Managing Situations
  • Relating to People
  • Citizenship

We also love to celebrate achievement. At key points during the year we have local showcase events to allow the students who work in an exemplary fashion and develop excellent project and task work to present to their parents, the local community and media.