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The William Allitt School

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The William Allitt School is committed to providing its students the best start in life by ensuring they attend school regularly and achieve success. It is vital that students attend school on a regular basis and that absences are caused by legitimate and compelling reasons only. A concerted effort should be made by students, by parents/carers, and by school officials to avoid scheduling appointments and activities, which interfere with school attendance. The school maintains a positive regard for students and their individual circumstances whilst insisting on high standards of attendance and punctuality.

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if a student is to achieve their full potential. If a child does not attend school regularly, this will have an adverse effect on their learning and progress. There is a clear link between poor attendance and lower academic achievement. The majority of students who have over 95% attendance achieve five or more GCSE’s at Grade 5 and above.

Positive strategies are used to reintegrate students who have poor attendance. Assistance and support is provided wherever necessary. Good attendance and punctuality will continue to have a high profile within the school and is regularly celebrated in assembly. Certificates and rewards are issued to students with excellent and improved attendance rates. Letters are distributed to parents’ half termly informing them of their child’s attendance and the action required if needed.

Good attendance means

Click here to read the Derbyshire County Council advice on the law surrounding attendance, including parental responsibility.

Request for leave of absence in exceptional circumstances

For a student to be given leave of absence during term time an Absence Request Form must be completed. (Click here to download a copy of the form) Please note, the Head Teacher may only grant leave of absence during term time for expectational circumstances only.


Parents and carers can support their child to attend school regularly by:

  • Ensuring their child has a good night’s sleep and has had a healthy breakfast before arriving at school
  • Ensuring their child arrives to school on time by 8:30am, equipped ready to learn, to avoid a late mark being issued.
  • Reinforcing the importance of punctuality to their child, not just to morning registration, but throughout the school day, lesson to lesson.
  • Avoid taking holidays or booking medical appointments during term time
  • Ensuring medical evidence is provided to the school to support when their child has been absent from school
  • Only allowing their child to be absent from school if it is absolutely necessary
  • Encouraging their child to inform school of any concerns which may affect their attendance
  • Attending parents’ evenings or key events throughout the school year and engaging in information released regarding their child’s attendance.


Are you worried about your child’s attendance?

If you are worried about your child’s attendance or you are aware of issues or changes in your child’s or family circumstances that can affect your child’s attendance, then please do not hesitate to contact the school or Mrs Lundman (Deputy Head Teacher) on 01283 216404, who will be able to support and advise you further.