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School Laptop scheme 


The William Allitt school is proud to announce that after many months of research and testing we have decided to offer a laptop solution over other possible tablet-based learning.

Technology is no longer optional, people need computers for everyday life, work, communication, entertainment and even to pay bills.  Our excellent solution will offer our students the ability to extend their learning capabilities beyond the classroom with Cloud based connectivity that will allow instant access to resources, feedback and work that was previously only available whilst in school.

Whilst other schools running similar programs ask for financial contributions, this scheme is fully funded by The William Allitt School! 


Benefits of E-learning

  • The use of computers in schools is known to promote independent learning which the students find empowering.
  • Technology can be powerful to improve learning, particularly when there is regular and frequent use in all subject areas, as opposed to once a week in an IT suite.
  • A wide variety of e-Learning opportunities are used to supplement normal teaching strategies rather than a replacing them.

The William Allitt school have invested in Microsoft Office 365 to provide all our students with an office suite that is used globally by businesses and higher learner establishments.  This will build a life skill that can transition beyond the William Allitt school.

Working with all departments within The William Allitt school we have rolled out this scheme to our current Year 7 students and have adapted the traditional teaching methods to make use of this modern and exciting provision.


PDF icon Laptop Scheme Agreement