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Staff Information

Mr M. Skelham - Head of Department/Teacher of P.E.

Mrs K. Westwood - 2nd in Department

Miss S. Padmore - 2nd in Department

Miss A. Casey - Teacher of Creative

Mr G. Fisher - Teacher of Creative

Miss S. Buchanan - Teacher of Creative/Enterprise

Mr N. Holmes - Teacher of P.E.

Mr K. Baldwin - Creative Technician

Ms E. Embley - Teacher of Art

Mr C. Kendrick - Teacher of Music/World Studies


Curriculum Details

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Additional Information:

Engineering: understanding how the world works through the design and manufacture of projects that include mechanical and electronic systems, and industrial processes.

Food: working with ingredients and cooking equipment, understanding the importance of healthy eating and nutrition through the production of a wide range of recipes during practical sessions.

Graphics: design and manufacture of products within the graphic industry, building design understanding, design and modelling skills and working with paper, card, and modelling materials.

Resistant Materials: investigating the design and manufacture of functional products, gaining experience and skills working with wood, metal and plastic.

Textiles: building experience and knowledge of designing and making in fabrics, understanding fashion and industry and developing practical skills using a range of textile processes.

Performing Arts:

Music and Drama are taught as part of the Opening Minds curriculum in Year 7 and then in form groups by specialist teachers in Year 8 for one hour a week. Students in Year 9 experience Dance, Drama, Music and Technical Support (Sound & Lighting) on a rotational basis for one hour a week.

Students will work individually and as members of a team and will have the opportunity to share the work completed within the faculty through the mediums of presentation and performance. At Key Stage 4, students study within the discrete areas for GCSE or BTEC certification. The faculty also offers the opportunity for students to study GCSE Performing Arts where they are able to specialise in one or more of the Performing Arts subjects.