The William Allitt School

The William Allitt School

Learning Without Limits

Caring for our students

The success and happiness of all students is the priority of every member of staff at The William Allitt School. We value every student and we ensure that each student feels connected to our school. Respect, responsibility and learning without limits underpin the communication and interaction between students, staff and families at the William Allitt School.


The team that supports student wellbeing consists of:

Senior Lead for Behaviour and Welfare: Mrs. M Payne

Heads of House:

Miss C Wain  – Mercia House

Miss J Wildey – Nightingale House

Mrs S O'Callaghan – Gresley House

Mr T Wagg – Tolkien House

Family Resource Worker: Mrs G Scobie

Emotional Health and Well-Being: Mrs H Gould


Educational Welfare Officer

The School works very closely with the Education Welfare Service, who may contact Parents/Carers whose children fail to attend school regularly. Any absence from school has a negative effect on learning; 96% is the minimum expected attendance at school.

The Education Welfare Officer, along with the school, provide intervention packages assisting children to return to school. The Education Welfare Officer can however, introduce court proceedings if no improvement has been made.

School Nurse

Provides a confidential appointment service to young people on issues around health, sexual health, bullying, eating disorders, and relationships.

Student Services and Support

The following services are available to support students at The William Allitt School. They may be accessed via the student services office.

Student Services

The Student Services Reception is located by the Junior Hall. Students should go to Student Services Reception for:

  • Signing In & Out of School
  • Timetable Queries
  • First Aid
  • Locker Keys
  • Lost Property
  • Letters Home
  • Dinner Money
  • Ringing Home
  • Any other student related problems

Safe Speak Counsellors

Provides a professional confidential counselling service for students. Support can be offered for students with family problems, bereavement, or issues with other people in their life.

Other services

We also have access to workers who come in to school to work on short and long term projects with identified students. These include The Amy Winehouse Resilience Programme, ‘Prison me –no way’ and ‘Your Choice’.

We nurture and support our students, helping them to develop into confident, independent and successful young adults. Support and encouragement is provided for all students to achieve their personal best in academic, creative, vocational and sporting pursuits within a positive, respectful environment where individual differences are not only accepted but celebrated.


The William Allitt Schools policies can be found on our policies page.


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