The William Allitt School

The William Allitt School

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Awards & Achievements

As a school, we are very proud of the awards and achievements we have gained in recognition of our commitment to our students and our communities...



We are incredibly proud to be the only Arts Mark Gold achieving secondary school in the region. We achieved this award because of our strong creative values which are threaded throughout the entire school and its curriculum.





Thanks to our work on the Gatsby Benchmarks and careers strategy, we are the only Secondary School in the locality to have achieved the 'Quality in Careers Standard'. This signifies that we have a formidable ability to develop young people into confident, successful and very employable members of our community.





We have a reputation for our commitment to the arts. We are an Arts Award Supporter, with every student who comes to our school having the opportunity to achieve at least an Arts Award Bronze.






We are a valued member of the Career Development Institute which is the UK-wide professional body for the career development sector. Our membership recognises us as an institution who go the extra mile for education and experience in careers and employability.




A member of staff at our school is the only national Education Ambassador for Into Film in South Derbyshire. This is because of our strong commitment to providing educational opportunities to explore watching film, film making, and careers in film. Many schools in the country have taken inspiration from how we approach embedding film into the curriculum in interesting and innovative ways.





We are working towards the prestigious Eco Schools Green Flag. This is the highest level of Eco Schools success and is the result of our hard working and ecologically conscious staff and students aiming to complete all seven steps of the programme!